Puppets from The Puppet Company

There is something magical about owning and using a puppet from The Puppet Company-the puppets capture the nub of what makes a really great toy, as they allow the owner ‘s imagination to run riot, they entertain and more than anything else - to have fun!

The puppets come in all shapes and sizes (view our puppet photo gallery), including finger puppets, glove puppets and full-body puppets so that there is a puppet for all age groups. There are even puppet theatres available, although your performance can take place from behind the sofa or anywhere else you fancy!

The puppets are beautifully made – many are as cuddly as a toy, but with all the functionality of a puppet. Great puppets made with high quality fabrics -and best of all they are sold at a very competitive price.

The puppets are manufactured in the Far East by factories which are regularly visited by The Puppet Company and their representatives to ensure that production is of the best quality and that the workers' conditions are of the highest standards.

Why not pop into 'A Sweet For You' and have a look for yourself?

View our puppet photo gallery.

Chimp - with Girl T-Rex Zoo Set of Six

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